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🌟 Introducing the Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest with Storage – Practicality Meets Style! 🌟

Are you ready to infuse a burst of color and functionality into your living space? Look no further than our Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest with Storage. As the seller, we’re excited to introduce you to this fabulous piece that effortlessly combines style, convenience, and versatility.

✨ Fun, Stylish, and Updated Casual Style:

The Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest is a delightful addition to any room. Its fun and stylish design bring a pop of color and a breath of fresh air to your decor. With updated casual style, it fits seamlessly into various interior design themes, from contemporary to coastal. This versatile console table is more than just an accent piece; it’s a statement of your unique taste.

✨ Practical Storage, Endless Possibilities:

This accent chest isn’t just about looks; it’s also about practicality. It features two easy-glide wooden drawers, perfect for stashing away essentials neatly and conveniently. But what sets this piece apart are the four removable water hyacinth woven baskets that accompany it. These baskets offer a touch of natural elegance while providing ample storage space. You can use all four or mix and match to create a look that suits your style and storage needs.

📐 Product Details:

Dimensions: 28″ X 30″ X 13″

Finish: Matte

Material: Wood

Country of Manufacture: China

Shipping Method: Parcel

Shipping Weight (Carton 1): 57 lbs

Carton Width (Carton 1): 11 inches

Carton Height (Carton 1): 16 inches

Carton Depth (Carton 1): 34 inches

Case Pack: 1

Ship from ZIP Code: 91789

Lead Time: 3 days

🏡 Transform Your Space:

Whether you’re looking to declutter your living room, add a stylish accent to your bedroom, or enhance your entryway’s organization, the Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest is here to serve. Its vibrant teal hue and flexible storage options make it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any home.


Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

🌟 Customer Review:


I’m absolutely thrilled with my Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest! Not only does it brighten up my room, but it also offers a convenient storage solution. The woven baskets add a charming touch, and I love that I can mix and match them. It’s both stylish and practical—exactly what I was looking for!” – Sam Hutch


Make a bold statement in your home with the Pop of Color Teal Accent Chest with Storage. Elevate your decor and your storage capabilities today!

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